Things End…But Memories last forever…
Creating your family legacy journal…

Family is Everything! It means togetherness – it means that no one is left behind or forgotten. But the fact remains that, the strongest or the most fragile of the families, all require a network of social support that upholds them in tough times and shares their joy in good times.

Memory Bank

SoniRocks helps you keep your loved ones closer. Building a personal family history journal in a timeline format is a great way to preserve beloved memories. Our Memory Bank services hold more than mere pictures and events – they hold fond memories of our members and their families. You can include photos, videos, artwork and other such aspects of your life that define you and your family. You can also include scripts, poems, letters, recipes quotations and lots more!

Providing our community members with an online platform to connect with their family members and friends all over the world and celebrate each precious moment of every day is what we aim at.

Preserving lost memories and keeping members motivated to document life and create a legacy via an online journal is what our Memory Bank is all about.


Your Achievement

A thing you have done successfully, achieved, perhaps entitled such as Best Employee of the Year, University top ranked, won a medal at a sports event etc.

Your Biography

Write a Comprehensive history of your life, important parts and dates and leave a reference for your children to admire.

Story to tell

A memorable incidence such has “had a great time with friends on holiday, an adventure, a mystery, a turning point of your life or some special moment”.


Note the important events of your life! Important happenings, an occasion celebrated such as Samuhlagna, Samaj get-together, Company annual Party etc..


Create an unforgettable record of regularly recurring celebrated festivals, such as Kit flying festival (Uttarayan), Navratri, Diwali etc.

Your Landmark

Anything that is easily recognizable physically, that you may have created – such as a New Showroom in town, a Temple in your village, a restaurant in your locality etc.

Importance of a Great Family Legacy 

Having a great family legacy is nice to have, especially you want your grandchildren to remember you as a great human being. That’s why many families are making all of their legacy neat and clean. 


Let’s be honest here, everyone wants to be remembered as a great person that helped everyone every time they needed something. That’s why many people are always considering it when they are deciding to help do something because it can affect their family legacy. 


You might think that it sounds selfish and unreasonable but this is logical because a family legacy is definitely difficult to build. It is harder to restore, especially when it is tarnished with a big problem. 


If you are not still convinced that creating a great family legacy is important for everyone, you should continue reading this article. Here at SoniRocks, we’re going to discuss some of the things that you need to know about creating a family legacy and how it can help you and your whole family. 

For the future

Sooner or later, we’re going to face the fact that we’re going to pass away and leave our family behind. They will definitely be sad about this event but it is inevitable that this will happen and when that occurs your legacy will come into play. 


Even when you’re gone, your family will definitely be respected by a lot of people. Not just your peers and friends but also other people they don’t know. Everyone will know your name and all of the good things that you’ve done for the world. 

Power and wealth 

This might sound selfish at times but it can definitely be helpful in time of need. You and your family will benefit from a good family legacy. Many people will respect you and follow you because of your great philanthropy. 


You can use this power and wealth to help more people overcome their challenges in life. With this, you can expand your family and influence throughout your life. Just remember that this is a double-edged sword, you should be careful when handling this kind of power and wealth because it can be self-destructive. 

Great traditions within the family

A family legacy is more than wealth, power, and respect from other people. It is a way to establish a great tradition within your family and a way to remember everything you’ve done for them. Having a great family legacy will make sure that how many generations pass, your legacy will live one. 


There are still a lot of things that we didn’t discuss about family legacies but we hope that you have enjoyed reading about them. If you still want to read more about family legacies or businesses, please feel free to browse our website more.