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For building bonds that last a lifetime, we believe in helping the youth of our Samaj to find the match of their choice. Our matrimonial services act as a convenient channel to look for your soul mates!

Finding the love of your life might be difficult especially if you are busy with your career. There is nothing wrong with putting your career first. As they say, meeting and spending the rest of your life with your other half is a bonus. 

What Is a Matrimonial Service? 

Marriage is not a simple thing. It is even the turning point in every individual’s life. You need to be careful in choosing your life partner because marriage is irreversible. Remember that the person you are going to marry will support you through ups and downs, pleasure and pain, and success and failure. 

One of the greatest advantages of using a matrimonial service is that they have a huge database of your potential partner. As you register an account, you have access to multiple profiles. What’s interesting is that you can easily send a message. 

What makes matrimonial service different from most dating sites is that you are dealing with people who are serious about finding the love of their life instead of just finding someone to be in a relationship with.

With matrimonial sites, you also have the best search tools that will make it easier for you to narrow down your search results. You can also put any criteria such as age, job profile, nationality, or location. 

What Is Matrimony?

Matrimony or marriage is the union of two people who are in love with one another. Aside from being in love with each other, people marry for several reasons. Some of these are for legal, social, spiritual, religious, emotional, and financial reasons. There are different kinds of marriages. These are:   

Polygamous marriage 

It is a type of marriage where there is more than one spouse. It might not be obvious but there are a lot of cultures who are used to this practice. However, polygamy is illegal in most countries. 

Polygyny basically means that a man is married to more than one woman. Women are usually called sister wives even though they are not blood sisters. The challenge in this kind of marriage is that the wives have to learn how to live together. On the other hand, polyandry is where a woman is married to more than one man. 

Secret marriage 

It is a type of marriage usually hidden from friends and family members. It is also sometimes called civil marriage. One of the reasons why some couples choose secret marriage is because of legal reasons such as issues with citizenship or the couple just want privacy.

Shotgun marriage 

It is a kind of marriage that took place because the bride and the groom had an unexpected baby. This is done to preserve the reputation of both parties. Couple involved in this marriage does not necessarily love each other.            

Mixed marriage 

It is a marriage between two people who are from different races. In the early years, people from different races could not marry each other. There are actually rules that prohibit these types of marriage.  

Being in a mixed marriage can be difficult because both parties are coming from different cultures. To be in this relationship, you need to be open-minded and willing to learn new things or even a new language.  

Same-Sex marriage 

It is when two people of the same gender get married. Although it is slowly accepted, there are some countries that still do not allow this kind of union. It is also one of the most controversial types of marriage.

Arranged marriage 

Not all couples get married for love. Some are forced to marry a person for the sake of following their culture or because it is a parent’s wish. An arranged marriage is usually planned between the families of the groom and the bride.  

Convenience marriage 

It is when two people get married for financial or political reasons. It can also be a way to form political alliances. What makes it different from an arranged marriage is that the couple agreed to marry each other instead of just following orders.

Tips in Finding Real Love  

With millions of people around the world, it is a challenge to find the love of your life. You need to get out of your comfort zone and discover if you are ready for a commitment. If you think so, here are the secrets to finding real love: 

Be yourself 

When finding true love, you need to be yourself. If you want someone to love you, do not be afraid to show your imperfection. Show your true self and be ready to accept someone else’s authenticity.   

Be confident  

Be confident in your decisions, the things you do, yourself, and your ability to attract true love. Knowing your self-worth means that you know yourself and are ready to let someone else in your life. You will also attract someone who appreciates, recognizes, and loves who you are.

Don’t be negative  

Having negative emotions is normal but strive not to be affected by it. Being in love is about being considerate, thoughtful, and positive. Even if you are feeling down, be positive and think of ways on how to overcome it.  

Be open 

Make yourself available. If someone attempts to engage in conversation with you, respond. However, make sure to create a barrier and know when to make yourself available to others. Being open to a lot of people might give you a negative impression. 

Be a giver

Being a giver means that you are willing to give your best to other people and not expecting something in return. You also need to treat people how you wish them to treat you. This automatically makes you an attractive person. 

Find out what you really want 

The best thing to do when finding a partner in life is to create a list of traits that you want your partner to possess. However, keep in mind that there is a huge probability that you won’t find them all in one person. After all, no one is perfect. 

The good thing about having a list is that you are setting standards and saving yourself from traits that do not complement well with yours. 

Manage your circle of friends and acquaintances

Your chances of finding true love increases if you constantly meet new people. You need to be more sociable and join organizations that also suit your interests. Be active and hang out with other people.  

Be with the right company  

Meeting new people does not mean that you need to risk yourself in danger. Be at the right place with the right kind of people to meet the right person for you. This is the reason why you should be wise in choosing your circle of friends. Having fun with a group of people does not necessarily mean that you are with the right company. 

Be realistic

Burst your bubble and stop basing your standards on novels or movies. Falling in love is not all about rainbows and unicorns. Do not look for a gorgeous or handsome face. It is just a bonus. Focus on their personality, the way they do things, and their perspective in life. 

Find a personality that complements yours  

It is best to find a personality that complements yours. This is because your relationship won’t last long if your personality keeps on clashing. Even if there are differences, the personality of your partner has to match well with yours. To make the long story short, your personality should be balanced.  

The priority  

You should find a person that has the same priorities as yours. It’s because having different priorities might affect your relationship in the long run. It is also recommended to subtly talk it out to your potential partner.   

The respect  

Having a person that makes you smile and feel loved is not enough. You need a person who will respect you and the people in your life. Your potential partner should know how to respect people regardless of their status and age. It is best to observe how they treat other people.  

Consider judgement 

Before you settle down, it is best to recommend if you introduce your partner to your friends and family. Since you are in love, you tend to ignore all of the red flags. Let people around you give their opinion and then decide for yourself. If they do not like the person you like, better ask why and see from their point of view. 

Challenge their time and patience  

A person is definitely invested in you if she/he can wait. See how long their patience can last. See if your relationship can last longer than expected. So, take time in getting to know your potential partner and do not immediately jump into a relationship.  

There is no doubt that love is such a beautiful thing. But you also need to guard your heart and choose a person wisely. With the help of SoniRocks, you’ll definitely find the one you are looking for.