In a family oriented society like ours, family and children come first! Every day is a new lesson learnt from life – for all ages. Coming back home to your family adds to the joy and meaning of life. SoniRocks includes an option to create a Family Tree where you can organize and connect family members across generations. It provides a perfect way to preserve your genealogy online.

Family is Everything! It means togetherness – it means that no one is left behind or forgotten. But the fact remains that, the strongest or the most fragile of the families, all require a network of social support that upholds them in tough times and shares their joy in good times.

Every family descends from some ancestry and the next generations create the future. Just the way our ancestors created the present that we live in, we must create a great future for our children. What we are today is a clear reflection of our ancestors.

It is therefore important to know where we came from and understand where we are going. Creating a Family Tree is a great way to keep family ties tight and family members close and record each family member to create a great ancestral record and heritage for your future generations to see.

Where life begins…and loves never end Family…

Family is very important to all of us. They are the ones whom we can always count on whenever we have problems. They are the ones who know us the most since they are the people whom we grew up with. This is one of the reasons why we have grown to be a family-oriented society. 

Attending family reunions and visiting your family from time to time is something that brings us joy. With that, you may want to further appreciate them by creating a family tree to show how well you and your relatives are related to each other. You may also wish to include your ancestors in your very own tree just so you can learn more about them.

If that’s what you wish to have, we may help you here at SoniRocks with the help of the genealogy services that we offer. So, if you’re curious about why family trees are important, then here are some reasons why. 

It gives you a deeper sense of identity 

By looking at the pictures of your relatives, you get an idea of what they may have looked like and how you may have shared some distinct features with them. It may also let you know about the special characteristics that have been passed on from different generations in your family.

It tells you different stories 

By looking at your family tree together with your relatives, they can tell you some of their stories that took place during their days. Looking at a family tree can also be a form of bonding within the family as it encourages everyone to reminisce about their favourite moments with one another. 

It familiarizes you with your roots

The sad thing about life is that death is a natural part of it. With that, there may be some family members whom you have never met because they died before you were born. There may also be some whose deaths you may have witnessed. With a family tree, you can always remember them and have them introduced to the younger generations who weren’t able to meet them.

It helps you bond with your family 

Making a family tree involves all the members of your family. This is because of the fact that they are more knowledgeable about the connection of the members amongst one another. 

It can be surprising

Planning how to make one may be a little thrilling as you never know what you can expect from it. In fact, some people don’t even know that they belong to large families unless they take their time to look at their very own family tree. 

Overall, looking at the importance of family is great as it helps connect you to the ones who were a part of the generations before you. By knowing them, we can guarantee you that having a family tree is really satisfying to have.