9 keys to having a happy marriage

9 keys to having a happy marriage 

Whether you are thinking about tying the knot or you have been married for a long time, marriage is not always smooth sailing. That is why Soni Rocks come up with 9 keys to have a happy marriage:

  1. Independence

To be in a happy marriage, you must be happy first. Wives and husbands should continue to have time for themselves, enjoy their hobbies and spend some time apart with their spouses.

The time you spend alone can reunite you with your spiritual side, establish a sense of self and check in with the progress of your personal goals. 

  1. Listening

Sometimes, all your partner needs is a listening ear, but remember that listening and hearing are not the same things. You should listen with your heart, look at your spouse while they speak and assure them that everything will be alright.

Listening is one of the most vital keys not just to a happy marriage, but also to every relationship.

  1. Acceptance

Lack of acceptance is a major relationship killer. Remember that you married your spouse for who they are. Avoid focusing on their weaknesses or problems, change your perspective and start focusing on their positive traits instead.

  1. Date nights

Date nights are often ignored and overlooked by couples, especially by those who have been married for a long time. Simply having a night where you can bond with each other strengthens your relationship. During your date night, try to turn your phones off or put them away so you are free of any distractions. 

  1. Intimacy

Regular sex is very important in maintaining a healthy marriage. Talk about what pleases you or try adding any bedroom props or positions that you may want to introduce to keep it exciting. 

  1. Compliments

Recognizing your spouse’s positive traits every day and paying compliments can go a long way in your relationship. Keep track of what your spouse does well and point out the positive stuff to them.

  1. Trust

Trust is one of the foundations of a successful marriage, and it takes time to achieve. There are times when you give in to jealousy and forget that your spouse is a separate person by trying to control them. If you sense you are being a controller or you are being controlled, make an appointment for a family counsellor.

  1. Communication

Healthy couples communicate as much as possible. You should discuss not just the changes that are taking place in your kids’ life, but also about your hearts and souls like your dreams, goals or anxieties.

  1. Refrain from the D-word

Do not threaten to get a divorce. Couples that talk about separation during fights are more likely to see divorce come to fruition. Making threats is not a mature strategy to solve your problem, so do not use it as a control mechanism.

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