Inviting the energy of the youth and experience of the elderly to bind Soni Samaj into a family.

You are welcome to the global communities’ network platform, where we build relations for the lifetime.

Developing a healthy partnership with Voluntary participation for the welfare, development and empowerment of Soni’s in our society has been one of the primary objectives of SoniRocks. Activities of the team involve networking with different community of Soni’s for better & easy connection, growth & prosperity.

SoniRocks provides platform to all Soni’s under a variety of programme in order to facilitate and strengthen their relationship among Soni/Sunar/Sonar/Swarnkar Samaj through family tree & memory bank, through matrimony & business hub, through education and training, through collective mobilisation and awareness creation, through income generating facilities and by the provision of support services.

Also where everyone can come together socialise, celebrate and share their happiness, discuss their problems and to bring out the best possible solution.

All youth’s (Youth has no age!) of Soni Samaj are equally liable for making their community stronger & powerful irrespective of the place, city, state or country they reside. Team SoniRocks request you to join hands together and participate proactively in all events and discussions to make our community members powerful, confident & successful each day.

So, come, join us! Be the proud member of Soni community… We believe in ‘together we can make a difference’ and ‘we can become the change that we want to make’. 

So, stay connected, stay blessed!

“Together Everyone Achieves More – SoniRocks!”

Team SR!