Be a part of the largest Soni Community network ever!

Welcome to SoniRocks! A global Soni community social and business network platform especially designed for the youth of Soni,
Sunar, Swarnkar Samaj. It’s all about YOU! Your Family, Your Business and Your Community. It’s an online platform where you can
socialize and build strong social bonds with other members of your community.

Family Tree

We always wondered who our ancestors were and where our origin lies.
SoniRocks makes it easy for you to maintain your family history in the form of a family tree.
Our Family tree building facility can help you to know where you came from and also continue your family’s rich culture for generations to come.

So, create your family tree today! Begin with creating small foot prints of your happy moments and preserve them forever!


Social Services

At SoniRocks – Soni Samaj Social Network, we endeavour to provide an all inclusive online platform for the members of our global Soni Samaj to socialize, get to know each other, promote and develop their businesses. It is meant to promote a sense of togetherness by helping each other directly or indirectly. This fosters business growth and acts as a catalyst in building strong communities.

Matrimony Service

Marriages are made in heaven. SoniRocks provides you the perfect channel to find your soul mate. The service is exclusively designed for the youth of Soni, Sonar, Sunar, Swarnkar Samaj and gives them an apt platform to interact with likeminded people and select the match of their dreams… Read more


“United we stand!” It’s true that we are as strong as we are united. At SoniRocks, we invite all the youth of the Soni, Sonar, Sunar, Swarnkar Samaj (including Trust/Club/Organization etc) to create your profile and connect with other members and stay as one big united family that extends a helping hand to anyone that needs it… Read more

Business Hub

All-in-One Business Directory is a first of its kind platform to advertise your business for FREE and connect instantly with millions of other members and business across the globe. Let’s all unite and lend a helping hand and see our businesses sour to new heights of success… Read more

I’m very happy to see “A universal place for Soni’s to socialise”.

– Dhruv, Toronto

Looking for a global community and a business network platform? You do not have to look further because SoniRocks got your back. With our community, we make sure to create a strong social bond. 

Our Family Tree   

As we go on with our lives, we always wonder who our ancestors were and where our origin lies. To make it easier for you, our community will help you maintain your family history through a family tree. 

Having a family tree means that you can easily identify who your ancestors were and where you came from. The best thing about having a family tree is that it increases the bond and knowledge about your family’s history.  

Our Social Services 

To provide you with an inclusive online platform, Soni Samaj Social Network’s responsibility is to promote a sense of togetherness by helping every member of the community. To build a stronger bond, every member is encouraged to join the activities. 

Matrimony Service 

As we all know, finding your other half is one of the most difficult things to do. It is also a bit risky to date a person who you just met. With our matrimony service, we make sure to provide you with a perfect channel to find your soul mate. We also have an exclusive wedding portal for  Swarnkar Samaj, Sonar, and Soni.  

Here are the exclusive features of our matrimony service:  

  • You have options to immediately find the right person  
  • Allows you to browse effortlessly    
  • Customize your profile which you can use to find your best match 
  • All of the profiles are registered and verified to ensure security 
  • A broad network of individuals around the world    

Our Business Hub 

Aside from building a community, we also offer a platform where you can advertise your business for free. You can even build your network because we have millions of members across the globe. Our goal is to help one another to become successful members of the community. 

Importance of Having a Community

Having your own community gives you a sense of love and belongingness. You can also easily ask for help and support. Here are the benefits of having a community: 

  • Influence- having a community means that you have greater influence and empowerment
  • Support- you can ask or give help when in times of need especially now that we are busy with our own lives 
  • Connection- you can easily create a bond and build new connections
  • Passion- build your confidence and share your passion with the members of the community 
  • Sharing- having a solid community stimulates innovation and growth  

It might sound simple but having a community basically makes our lives easier. Inside or outside your home, you have someone who you can call family. If you are new to the community, you can easily form relationships and meet new people. 

What are you waiting for? Join SoniRocks and become a part of our progressive community.